Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting

on Monday 13 August 2012 at 7.30pm in the Village Hall

Present:- Andy Royle - chair, Tim Fox, Ailsa Dempster, Matthew Moore, Mark Thompson, Marshall Ferguson, Paul Seaton, Stan Heggs (CC), Mark Tooley (PCSO) and 1 Member of the Public.

Chairman informed the meeting of the sad death of Mr. Laurie Berruto, clerk to Weldon Parish Council for many years. Clerk to pass on the condolences of the meeting to Laurie's family.

Chairman reminded councillors to declare an interest in any item on the Agenda where appropriate.

The Minutes of the Meeting on Monday 9th July were declared to be a true record and duly signed by the chairman.

Apologies:- Terri Meechan, Phil Bromhall, Rob. McKellar (BC)

Meeting open to the Public

    Elisabeth Jordan, chairman of the Pocket Park committee stated that the wall of the Park where it borders Kirby Road had been hit by a vehicle and this necessitated repairs. Pictures are available, taken by a local resident. Mark Thompson had visited the site and is of the opinion that the job will require a specification and tenders to be invited from local builders. He agreed to progress this task.

Report from PCSO:-

    Mark Tooley gave the crime report for the village in the last month which included two burglaries, one of which did not result in loss of property. In addition he has had reports of anti-social behaviour around the MUGA site but has not witnessed anything in this category. He asked residents to report to PCSOs if there are concerns.

    A TVAS machine monitoring the speed of passing vehicles was placed in Kirby Road for a twelve day period recently. The most concerning part of the data collected was that 74 vehicles a day exceeded the 30mph limit. Mark agreed to obtain further information from the data breakdown and report back to a future meeting.

    Mark has been in discussion with Corby BC over the siting of a TVAS on the Corby Road as it enters the village. This could be combined with the 30mph sign which requires moving back towards Corby and has been a listed job with Northants CC for many months. The situation will hopefully be progressed at a site meeting on Friday 17th August at which Stan Heggs and Andy Royle will attend.

Matters Arising from the Minutes of 9th July:-

    Discussions have taken place with the landowner at Harborough Hill regarding a land swap for the Parish Council's field now planted with trees. Nothing decided at present.

    It is understood that improvements have taken place at Rockingham telephone exchange which will benefit the broadband speeds operating in Gretton. Rob. Mc.Kellar is monitoring the situation.

    Tim Fox reported on his discussions with Anglian Water regarding the lease for a portion of car park at the Recreation Ground where it borders the Water Tower. Parish Council will assume responsibility for this lease paying £200 per annum for 2009 - 2013 and £250 from 2014. The lease will be subject to rent reviews every five years. Parish Council to pay the legal costs of Anglian Water capped at £500. Tim's proposal was accepted by councillors.

    The Pill Box on Harringworth Road is in a very dilapidated condition. A decision as to its future must be made soon. Councillors asked Mrs. Jordan to check if any grants may be available to refurbish the Box for its historical interest.

    Clerk has had an exchange of emails with Mulberry Developments regarding the Balancing pond in Hunt's Field Drive. Assurances have been made as to the overall safety and correct working of the pond but it remains a potential hazard. Clerk to monitor progress on the eventual adoption by Corby BC and in the meantime to keep in touch with Mulberry to address the hazard issues.


    Parish Council Planning application for the siting of a storage container on the Recreation Ground will be overseen by Dean Wishart at Corby BC. Representations from villagers have been made and will be discussed under item on Recreation Ground.

    MGWSP - highway repairs on behalf of Northants CC - have reorganised their depots. The one relating to this area is now based in Rushden.

    CPRE have informed Council of forthcoming planning roadshows in the light of the Localism Act. Tim Fox to comment on the proposals.

    Rural Area Forum will meet at 7pm in Gretton Village Hall on Thursday 16th August.


    Parish Council Minutes from Weldon, Cottingham and East Carlton.

    NCALC UPDATE Magazine

    Rockingham Forum Minutes from 12th June

    CPRE Outlook and Countryside Voice Magazine.

Report on Recreation Ground:-

    As mentioned earlier the planning application to site a storage container on the Recreation Ground to house items for use in the MUGA has met with some opposition from local residents. The concerns feature closeness to the electrical sub station, a target for vandals and graffiti and easy to climb on. These items will be discussed by the Friends of Gretton Recreation Ground at their meeting on Tuesday 14th August.

Parish Plan:-

    The Northants Core Spacial Strategy report is to hand and comments are invited by 15th October. It is understood that no plans exist for the development of Brookfield Plantation in this document. Tim Fox agreed to circulate links to the website for councillors to peruse prior to a discussion at the next meeting.


    Details of accepted schemes have come from Corby BC.

    12/00172/DPA - Ground floor extension to front of 29, Finch Hatton Drive

    12/00146/LBC - Various remedial works to Harborough Hill House

    Councillors received the Minutes of a planning sub-committee meeting at 38, Station Road on Monday 23rd July. The plans under discussion was the proposal to build a four bedroomed property adjacent to 5, Orchard Lane. It is understood that this scheme will now be placed before Development Control committee at Corby BC.

Current Balance: £20,449.65
      Amounts owing:-
Broxap - net to protect play area from cricket balls     2,408.54
Corby BC - summer coaching on MUGA 100.00

    Gretton Cricket Club is financing the stop net through their grounds maintenance contract with Council. Letter to be sent to Steve Ellis thanking him and the team for their ongoing efforts during the growing season.

    Grants will be made to Gretton Scouts and Gretton Village Hall. Clerk to discuss with the treasurers of the organisations.


    Residents are reminded that the Street Doctor service is available for all highway reports and complaints. Please email streetdoctor@northamptonshire.gov.uk

Any Other Business:-

    Chairman expressed his satisfaction that the Facebook page for Gretton PC appears to be working well.

    There is to be an election for local Police commissioners in Northamptonshire in November. This is a political appointment and it is expected that candidates will make their own arrangements to hold public meetings.

    Chairman has discussed the content of the Newsletter with the Editor and the addition of a Contents page was explored. Andy will add a Chairman's message and discuss with the clerk how this will be accommodated. Council is pleased with the value for money aspect of this publication.

    Mel Jarvis - Tree Warden will produce a report on the state of the trees in the village in the near future. Thanks to Mel for his work on the hedge outside his property.

    Councillors are required to declare their private interests and a form is being produced for this purpose. Clerk to discuss with Corby BC.

    The stone wall bordering Spendlove field and High Street requires attention. Clerk to progress with landowner.

    Various other village areas are overgrown and clerk will discuss with the appropriate parties.

Date of next meeting to be Monday 10th September at 7.30pm in the Village Hall.

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