Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting

held in the Village Hall on Monday 9 February 2009

Present:- Marshall Ferguson - chair, Paul Seaton, Matthew Moore, Ailsa Dempster, Mark Thompson, Phil Bromhall (BC), Jeremy Sharman, Tim Fox, Terri Meechan, Stan Heggs (CC),Jake Villette & Simon King (Junior Councillors), John Hindle - clerk, Jonathan Meadwell & Paul Heyward (PCSO) and 2 Members of the Public.

Apologies:- Andy Royle

Chairman reminded Councillors to declare an interest where appropriate.

Report from County Councillor:-

The Minutes of the Meeting on 12th January were deemed to be a true record and duly signed.

The Junior Councillors reported that amounts of rubbish had been left on Westhills during the recent snow activities. Residents are asked to consider the landowners and take litter home.

Report from PCSOs:-

Report from Borough Councillor:-



Village Plan:-



Current Balance: 15305.28
Payments due:
Paul Branagh - Annual sewer inspection 09/10 300.00
                          Fencing around sewer pump pit       100.00
                          Work on sewer pump 180.00
L. McCracken - New window in Pavilion 60.00

Any Other Business:-

Date of Next Meeting is 9th March at 7.30pm preceded by the Annual Parish Meeting at 7pm in the Village Hall.

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