Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting

held in the Village Hall on Monday 9 January 2012

Present:- Marshall Ferguson - chair, Ailsa Dempster, Andy Royle, Tim Fox, Mark Thompson, Paul Seaton, Matthew Moore, Terri Meechan, Mark Tooley and Abe Smith - PCSOs, Natasha Bell - Corby BC, John Hindle - clerk and 1 Member of the Public.

Apologies:- Stan Heggs - CC, Phil Bromhall

Mark Tooley - PCSO outlined the crime situation in the last month including two cases of theft and one of harassment. He informed councillors of the intention to continue the regular surgeries in the village where a PCSO is available to listen to villager's concerns. These will take place at Lydia's coffee shop by the village green.

Abe Smith explained that the PCSOs were under threat due to the austerity measures afflicting the County Council. He asked that all interested parties be aware of this and to email Louise Mensch MP and Northamptonshire County with notes of support for the work of the PCSOs.

The vehicle speed indicator operating until recently on Station Road will be replaced shortly. The indicator includes data from vehicles travelling in both directions and was considered a qualified success in making drivers aware of the limits.

Natasha Bell from Corby BC undertook a short presentation on the intention to give all households a bin for food waste with a smaller bin for use in the kitchen. This initiative is designed to reduce still further the refuse going to landfill. The food waste will be held in degradable bags and composted by council operatives. The expected start date is June/July of this year.

Chairman reminded councillors to declare an interest where appropriate.

The Minutes of the Meeting on 12th December 2011 were deemed to be a true record and duly signed.

Matters Arising:-



The Street Party Jubilee Committee will meet on 12th January.

Village Plan:-




Any Other Business:-

Date of next Meeting will be Monday 13th February at 7.30pm in the Village Hall

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