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The Langham village web site, which can be found at, provides a description of the village and contains a considerable amount of historical information, all of which is updated on a regular basis.


Anne Gerhard has provided the following article relating to Simon de Langham who became Archbishop of Canterbury in 1366.

Simon de Langham

Became Cardinal, Archbishop of Canterbury and Chancellor of England. He was born in Langham circa 1310, and died in Avignon. France in 1376.

Barely anything is known of his early life, but in 1346 he was known to be a Benedictine monk at Westminster Abbey, where three years later he became the Prior. He was made Treasurer of England in 1360, Bishop of Ely in 1362 and was offered the Bishopric of London but refused, preferring Ely. He became Lord Chancellor in 1363 and Archbishop of Canterbury in 1366 and was the first person to speak English when opening Parliament. However, in 1368, he fell foul of Edward 111 when he accepted the office of Cardinal from Pope Urban V, without the King's consent, forcing him to flee to Avignon.

Although he later gained the King's favour, he did not return to England even though he held several preferments there, such as the Archdeaconries of Well and Taunton. Sadly, when Pope Gregory XI at last gave him leave to return in 1376, he died before he could make the journey, and three years later his remains were transferred from Avignon to Westminster Abbey.

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