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The Enfield family in Kettering

Mary Whiteford has accumulated a considerable amount of information on the Enfield family in Kettering, some of which is summarised below. She has additional information on the various Enfield siblings, uncles, etc., and also holds details of the relatives of Mary Ann Woolston from Kettering.

Mary can be contacted by e-mail at, or by surface mail at 480 Jamaica Street, Morro Bay, California, 93442, USA.

Summary of Enfield information

THOMAS ENFIELD, born 1787, Kettering

     married Susan ? in Kettering


GEORGE ENFIELD, Son of Thomas and Susan ?, born 1811, Kettering.

     married Sophia Westley, born 1825 on board ship


CHARLES ENFIELD, son of George and Sophia, born 8 May 1848, Kettering

     married Mary Ann, who died at a young age

     married Mary Ann Woolston, born 1845, Kettering.


HERBERT WALTER ENFIELD, son of Charles and Mary Ann Woolston,

     born 5 October 1886 Kettering, died 6 December 1961, Kettering

     married Nellie Toseland, 24 December 1907, Kettering

           Nellie died 6 July 1936

     married Dorothy Kate Cooper, 12 March 1938


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