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                                               "Take your seats for Syresham for Syresham's the place,
                                                Where they never never worry nor fall into disgrace,
                                                Where all the boys are brothers and all the girls are sweet,
                                                If you tumble down in Syresham, they'll set you on your feet."

This chorus of an old Syresham song typifies the sturdy, independant, warm hearted spirit of a people once dependant on the forests of South Northamptonshire for their livelihood. Agriculture no longer employs many people, as most are self-employed or travel to nearby towns.

At one time there were as many as 17 shops in the village, but now only one general store/post office and a butcher remain. Long gone is the large country store of King's, which boasted a fleet of lorries, vans, and motorcycles, serving all the surrounding villages. King's ales and stout were well known and much sought after, and half the village was employed on these premises. The highlight of the year was the annual outing to the sea when four coaches would set out at the crack of dawn.

The Jubilee Tree marks one entrance to the village. This was planted to celebrate Queen Victoria's Jubilee in 1897. A plaque in the Wesleyan chapel commemorates the death of a Syresham shoemaker, John Kurde, in 1557, who was burned at the stake for his religious beliefs.

(The above extract from 'The Northamptonshire Village Book', compiled by the Northamptonshire Federation of Women's Institutes, is reproduced by kind permission of the publishers, Countryside Books, Newbury, Berkshire)

Church Records

Virginia Lomax, of Missouri, USA, has kindly offered to provide a look-up facility for the following Syresham Parish Registers:

Baptisms : 1668 - 1895

Banns : 1754 - 1943

Marriages : 1668 - 1939

Burials : 1668 - 1904

Note : records are missing between 1695 - 1737

Virginia can be contacted by e-mail at

(Updated 1 July 1997 - Maurice Kellner)