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The Northamptonshire Surnames List

Surnames W - Z

Compiled by Maurice Kellner

Surnames:   A  -  B      C  -  E      F  -  I      J  -  M      N  -  R      S  -  V

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Add Your Research Interests to the List

The list is updated on a monthly basis. If you have research interests in Northamptonshire, you can add these to this list by submitting the following details to Maurice Kellner at :


  1. Surnames researched

  2. Time Frame, e.g. 1800-1878

  3. Town or Village

  4. Your E-Mail Address

  5. Your Name

  6. Postal Address (optional)

  7. If a member of the Northamptonshire Family History Society, you may include your Membership Number.

Please do not submit research requests, other than updates to the Surnames List, to the above e-mail address.

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