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Milton Malsor

Milton Malsor is a small village situated 3 miles to the south of Northampton, right in the centre of England. At the time of the Domesday Book there were two manors in the village and the powerful Malesoure family, who were descended from followers of William the Conqueror, caused the village to be known as Middleton or Milton Malesoure - subsequently contracted to Malzor. Much has happened since then!. The population has ebbed and flowed over the years, but by the year 2005 there were some 300 dwellings, occupied by 700 villagers. Many of the dwellings are built of attractive local sandstone, some retaining their thatched roofs.

Milton Malsor Historical Society, formed in 2004, has a website which already has some material that could be of use to folk studying their family history. It can be found at

(Updated 16 April 2007 - Maurice Kellner)